Unlocking the access to real-world data


Empowering the healthcare industry with real-world evidence, accelerating scientific research and improving the way we treat cancer patients.

Who we are

OncoStats is a clinical tool that allows oncology data to be registered in a systematic, validated and structured manner in a database.

The combination of medical expertise and technology, OncoStats aims to understand the problem it is solving and deliver instant feedback about diagnostics and treatment that aids clinical decision-making, improving profoundly the way oncology is delivered.

At our core, we "unlock the access" to computerized clinical data, producing real-world evidence (RWE), whose impact weighs heavily on the healthcare industry and the future of oncology care.


OncoStats vision is to create a worldwide hub of the utmost quality clinical information in Oncology that will allow several stakeholders to extract value in a way that hasn’t been possible since.

We believe that we will be able to provide real-world evidence that is going to have a huge impact on changing the international guidelines for the most frequent cancers and to provide the necessary clinical evidence, to finally establish guidelines for the rarer types of cancer.


Miguel Borges


Roberto Machado


Paulo Carvalho


João Magalhães


José Nuno Sousa Pinto

Data Protection Officer

Paulo Cortes

Scientific Board Director

Liliana Oliveira

Scientific Team

Luís Torres

Software Developer

Tânia Rocha

Software Developer

Inês Silva


Francisco Sousa

Software Developer

Filipe Fernandes

Software Developer


Nuno Sousa

President @ School Health Sciences UM

António Murta

Managing Partner @ PATHENA

Pedro Faria

Data Privacy and Security Officer @ SONAE

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