Together defeating a common enemy, cancer

Learning from each other’s experiences

Cancer is a global disease and we benefit from sharing our experience to gain a better understanding of this disease and transform standard practice.

At last, clinical data that was previously "silent" can now be useful to inform us how we are treating our patients and help us find the correct path for each individual patient.

Why we matter

A combination of medical expertise and technology

Optimizing oncologists workflow with a unique electronic medical record

Better treatment decisions

A better understanding on international treatment guidelines and the way we treat oncology patients

High-quality clinical data

Accelerating scientific research by providing healthcare industry with precise and high-quality real-world data

Oncology Physicians

Leveraging clinical data to change the way we treat Oncology patients

By providing a unique platform and tool specifically designed for the Oncology clinical workflow, we leverage clinical data to help decision-making processes and change the way we treat oncology patients.

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Hospitals & Researchers

Unlocking the value behind hospital-level clinical data

Aggregating clinical information from multiple sources within a hospital is a challenge for clinicians and researchers. When all of this information  is allowed to converge within a single platform the potential for research and actionable practice insights becomes invaluable.

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Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Industry

Accelerating research and access to innovative medicines by tapping into real-world evidence

With access to high quality structured and aggregated clinical data, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies have the unique opportunity to accelerate research, answer regulatory requirements and deliver truly innovative and real-world ready cancer drugs.

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Accelerating scientific research and improving the way we treat cancer patients.

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